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RelationSHIFT – The Great Gathering at Lake Junaluska in November of 2019

The Big Idea is to gather all the mainline denominational camp and retreat associations for one large conference at Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center (Lake Junaluska, NC). An event like this has never happened before and we need help from each denomination to make it a huge success! Please prayerfully consider the gifts you have and how you may use those gifts to help this event be the best!

We are looking for one representative from each denomination to serve on one of the nine subcommittees. A member from the Design Team will facilitate each subcommittee.

1. Development Team: 6 persons to work together on fundraising, etc prior to the event and assist with Exhibit Hall during the event.
2. Finance Team: 4-6 persons responsible for budget and finance and coordination with ECCC Office through post-event evaluation.
3. Hospitality Team: 6+ persons to plan and implement hospitality and transportation options for event. Team begins December 2018.
4. Keynote Team: Small team to take care of all details during event regarding guest speakers, including communication with Lake Junaluska.
5. Marketing Team: 6 person team to manage all marketing for event beginning Spring 2017. (Team members transition to another team during event?)
6. Registration & Housing Team: 4-6 person team to coordinate details prior to and during event with Lake Junaluska.
7. Workshop Team: 6 person team to manage workshops from beginning to end- throughout planning time to providing support during the conference for workshop leaders.
8. Worship Team: 4 persons to plan and coordinate for daily worship during conference.
9. Youth Program Team: 3-4 persons to create and implement a high quality educational (regionally appropriate) and fun program for children and youth ages 4-12 and babysitting ages 0-3.

We may also need a volunteer coordinator that helps us amass volunteers and works with Lake Junaluska with their volunteer staffing contact. Most committee meetings will happen over Zoom (internet video conferencing). We use Dropbox and possibly a task manager software to help keep everyone working towards the end goals. (Person must be able to do work remotely using technology). We will also need people who can take the initiative and work hard at times. (3-4 online meetings a year, maybe fewer once the tasks have been divided up).

If you have questions, or are interested in helping, please contact Kaila Russell (