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Camp Pride at Pilgrim Lodge

by Rev. Bryan Breault

Pilgrim Lodge is proud to be offering a unique camp to offer the sacred space of camp to high school age youth who identify as LGBTQ+ and supportive allies to create a safe, nurturing community. This community will be a space to explore and celebrate diversity in all the ways we are human, while embracing an open approach to spiritual life. We will support and learn from one another. It will also be a chance to relax and to have some fun together! We’ll delve into challenges facing queer people of faith, including people exploring their own personal spiritual truth.

We fully recognize that some LGBTQ+ people have been, and are, wounded by involvement with religious organizations. We will be considering all aspects of being a teenager and queer. In addition, the event will have a decided spiritual tone, including conversation about our spiritual selves. However, no attempt to convert, convince, or indoctrinate anyone will be taking place. People of all faiths and of no faith are welcome. If you attend and identify as atheist, you are welcome, though like everyone, should be prepared to enter dialogue in a safe manner and not be invested in convincing others of your point of view.

Camp Pride will take place at Pilgrim Lodge, on the shores of beautiful Lake Cobbosseecontee in West Gardiner, Maine. Pilgrim Lodge is owned and operated by the Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ who are fully open and affirming of the LGBTQ+ community. Read our Open and Affirming statement and learn more about it on the conference's website. Pilgrim Lodge’s philosophy is also available online.

This unique camping experience is open to students entering 10th grade through 2017 graduates. If participants are of high school age, but not currently enrolled in school they are welcome to attend. Scholarship funds are available by application. The program is scheduled for August 6th-12th.

If you or your conference would like to support Camp Pride in any way, with publicity, scholarship funds or other support, please contact Bryan at