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Camp America Gives Royal Welcome to OMA-UCC

Camp America worked hard to show OMA-UCC, PCCCA, UMCRM, and ECCC a royally good time, as we interviewed and hired qualified, skilled staff for our summer camps. It felt akin to ‘rolling out the red carpet’, as they showed us the sites of London, ending with lunch in a pub one day, and the next, glimpsing the lines of hopeful candidates wind around the block as we arrived at the Queen Elizabeth II Convention Center. Check out the brochure.

We highly recommend to our OMA partners this opportunity to send (ideally two) staff hiring ambassadors next February to interview screened, qualified, and highly motivated international college students to work at our outdoor ministry camps. Camp America’s mission ’to provide the highest quality educational and cultural exchange program to enrich the lives of young people throughout the world’ melds with ours: "so that we may work together….to find common solutions, deepening and broadening the understanding of the intradependence of the whole of God's creation.."

Here is a reflection from Silver Lake’s Alan Munshower on the journey:

"In partnership with Camp America, I was afforded the opportunity to travel to London on a staff recruiting trip. This was my first journey to the UK, and my first time at a recruiting event. The camp employment fair hosted 100 camps and over 1000 candidates from the UK and other parts of Europe. The room at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre was electric with all the nerves and uncertainty of a job fair, coupled with the anticipation and excitement of the prospect of working in the US for a summer. Some candidates arrived having researched specific camps and having watched the camp’s promotional videos on YouTube. Others arrived to the fair purely on a friend’s recommendation. Some candidates entered the hall making a beeline to their targeted camp. Others browsed with an overwhelmed look on their faces, perhaps hoping for an invitation to a camp’s table or for someone to introduce himself or herself. It became imperative for me, while in the midst of my own new journey, to recognize the journeys of these young adults, and to extend a welcoming hand in the moment.

This summer, our two newest staff members will arrive at camp via car, plane, and train, making a roughly 12-hour trip. They will encounter an unfamiliar culture, and in that way, recharge our commitment to radical hospitality, instilling in us, a responsibility to welcome those on new and unfamiliar journeys.”

Submitted by Anne Hughes, OMA-UCC Board President, and Alan Munshower, Silver Lake Summer Staff Director