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Sanctuary Churches, Why Not Camps?

As we watch our UCC Churches become sanctuary churches, the question has risen. Why not Camps as sanctuary sites? We certainly have the housing in varied forms. We have the space, particularly in the shoulder seasons. The question perhaps begins with what is a sanctuary church (camp)? Check out the link on the UCC website.

The United Church of Christ national office has been blessed to have Heather Kimmel in the Office of General Counsel. She recently spoke on a webinar entitled, Sanctuary: Frequently Asked Questions.

Here is the Insurance Board webinar site, including the webinar "Risk Management for Keeping Youth Safe at Camps."

Please know you do not have to be members of OMA or even UCC to check out these webinars or use Heather Kimmel’s Office of General Counsel.

Can you be a sanctuary site? Or just interested in finding out more. Can we really do this? Check out the resources and articles available to you on the UCC website.